Obesity (Excess Weight)

Obesity (excess weight) is defined as having excessive amount of body fat. This disorder arises when you have a high calorie intake but you do not burn enough energy due to inactivity. Obesity (excess weight) is not an outcome of inactivity alone but can be attributed to other factors as well. These may include:

  • Genetics: your genes may affect the amount of body fat you store
  • Family lifestyle: family members share similar eating habits therefore chances are that one or both of your parents are obese, you have a higher risk of getting obese
  • Psychological factors: some people tend to over eat in response to negative emotions such as anger, sadness or boredom
  • Certain illnesses: certain illnesses can lower the metabolism or increase appetite leading to obesity
  • Certain medications

​You should take obesity (excess weight) seriously as it is not just a cosmetic concern, it is a serious disorder. Obesity can lead to bigger health problems such as heart diseases, diabetes and high blood pressure.


Obesity (excess weight) can be a challenge, but a little effort on your part to lose even a modest amount of weight can prevent you from serious health problems. Successful treatment of obesity will require your utmost commitment and willingness to lose weight by adopting a healthier lifestyle, including permanent changes in your eating and exercising habits. The changes should be long term as it is recommended to lose your weight gradually, to keep it off permanently.
Your doctor can offer you comprehensive, state-of-the-art medical care and guide you to undertake the following measures:

  • Lower your calorie intake but continue to consume an appropriate amount of diet so you do not feel drained and lethargic
  • Adopt a comprehensive weight loss program that focuses on losing weight gradually
  • Increase the intake of fruits, vegetables and whole grain carbohydrates.
  • Incorporate at least half an hour of moderate physical activity in your daily routine to maintain your weight loss. Gradually increase your exercising duration for better results.
  • Increase mobility by choosing stairs instead of elevators, parking your car a bit further away from your destination and walking the distance, increasing your household chores.
  • If obesity (excess weight) was a result of an eating disorder triggered by some psychological factors, consider therapy or counselling.





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