Best Letter to the editor of a newspaper on drug addiction


Letter to the editor of a newspaper on drug addiction

The Editor,




          I want to throw light on the harms of drug addiction through your newspaper. All of us know that drug addiction in our country has become a wide spread habit. It is very popular among men and women. The young boys and especially the students are a great victim of it. The latest medical reports reveal that drug addiction is a dangerous enjoyment. It has clearly been shown that it affects our brain, character and body badly. It causes many aliments of heart, brain, liver and respiration. Drug addiction makes people idle, slow and backward.

          In foreign countries, many books are published every year which guide the people about the harms of drug addiction. In our country no such literature is available. People do not know the danger of drug addiction. Apart from it, it is a dirty and expensive habit. The drug addicts are deprived of action and struggle when the intoxication is over, they feel helpless sad and unhappy. The smuggling of narcotics is very harmful the economy of a country. It is a crime against society.

The following steps should be adopted to uproot this evil.

  1. We can stop drug addiction by educating the people in that direction.

  2. The government should take strict measures to stop it. The smugglers should be punished severely.

  3. The people who are seriously ill should be sent to hospitals for treatment.

Yours sincerely,



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