Nuclear War Or Ban on Nuclear Weapons Essay for graduate students


Nuclear War Or Ban on Nuclear Weapons


  1. The developed countries like America, Russia and Japan have been developing the nuclear weapons for the last many years,

  2. The atomic bombing by America on Japan during the Second World War brought a wholesale destruction.

  3. Nuclear war is very horrible. Within a flash of moment, millions are killed and wounded. The effects of radiation haunt the coming generation for years to come.

  4. All the countries should decide to destroy the already existing deadly weapons.

  5. A world-wide public opinion should be formed against the use of nuclear weapons.


The developed countries like Russia, America, Japan and France have been making nuclear weapons for many years. America attached the two cities of Japan, Nagasaki and Hiroshima in the Second World Ward with atomic bombs. It caused huge destruction in both the cities. Millions of people were wounded and killed in that bombing. Since then a serious thought has been given to the preparation of nuclear weapons. Every country considers it essential to equip itself with nuclear weapons for its security.

Nuclear energy is considered the basic armament of self-defense. In the race of preparing nuclear weapons, the underdeveloped countries like India, South Africa and Israel have also joined hands with the developed countries. India has already exploded the atomic bomb.

          It seems that the nations of the world have forgotten the savagery of atom bombing by the Americans over the Japanese cities. The atom, despite its devastating powers, is still the favorite subject of study among scientists. They go on studying it with the sole object of killing mankind, Persistent nuclear explosions and tests in Siberia or Pacific are hailed as the greatest achievement of science. The political rulers and statesmen of every country consider the collection of nuclear weapons as a safeguard of peace. They are mistaken in it. The pilling up of nuclear weapons in an inevitable prelude to the whole destruction of mankind.

A nuclear war is an exercise in wholesale destruction. A single day’s atomic bombing of the U.S.A is estimated to cause the death of about 50 million people and a serious injury to about half the number. Such a great destruction of expected to paralyses the whole stream of life. The influence of radiation will continue to haunt the world for many years. It may give rise to mysterious diseases and ailments. It may render the fertile land barren and wild.

Nobody can wish for such a gloomy and dark future. World peace can only be secured if all the countries decide to put a ban on the research, the production and preparation of nuclear weapons. No country, however power should be allowed to make nuclear explosion. Public opinion against the negative effect of nuclear energy should be launched by the people of world. The existing stock of such destructive armaments must be destroyed.

          A powerful organization should be set in every country which should watch and control the production of nuclear weapons. It should mobilize the public opinion against the menace of atom bomb. People should be told that radio activity is an unchecked and uncontrollable monster. A worldwide awareness against the use of nuclear weapons should be produced. The powerful and advanced countries should also force to stop producing the deadly weapons. Tis may seem to be an ideal plan to do away with nuclear weapons. But unless such drastic measure is taken, the future of mankind will continue to be dark. The statesmen, the rulers and politicians of all the countries should realize their responsibilities regarding the bright future of mankind. If there is a total disarmament in the all countries. The world peace can be se cured in a better way.



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