1. Drinking plentiful water on a regular basis is very essential to hydrate the skin. At the age of 30, there is a high chances of dryness of the skin. According to the experts, an adult body requires 7 to 8 glasses of water.It helps to remove toxins from the body and keeps the body and skin healthy.

2. Brisk walking or exercise for about half an hour is most vital, nourishing the blood cells. Through this nourishmen, skin flushes out the waste materials and gets clean. On the other hand, stress and anxiety are reduced by everyday’s work-out and it reflects on the skin.

3. We all know that wrinkles, fine lines and dark circles are enemies of the skin. These generally appear from the age of 30. So skin need special night care; apply best quality night cream every night before going to bed. The cream can take care of your skin.

4. Diet is another crucial part to keep the skin intact even after 30 years. Fresh green vegetables and fruits should be consumed on a mandatory basis. During emergency period, canned foods are to be opted immediately. So, balanced diet besides drinking of adequate amount of water is recommended as one of the best beauty tips for keeping the skin ok.

5. The skin from the age of 30 or beyond 30 needs extra nourishment besides diet and water. But it is a million dollar question from where you will get these nourishments. Various face masks can provide the proper nutrients. keep it in your mind that banana, egg yolk, curd and honey can be ideal ingredients of a face mask. So, do it weekly or if necessary, daily apply the pack.


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