A Railway Journey Essay


A Railway Journey 

I have made many travels. But i can never forget a memorial railway journey. I had to go to Peshawar with my father. We hired a taxi and reached the railway station. Father purchased the tickets. The train had arrived before we reached there. There was a great hustle and bustle at the platform. Everybody was in a hurry. The hawkers were shouting to attract the passengers.
We got our seats near the window in a small inter class. At the fixed time the guard whistled and waved a green flag. Then the train moved out of the station. We crossed the Ravi Bridge. Our Train passed through green fields and long rows of factories and mills. After Lalamusa and Gujrat is passed through barren hilly area. It passed through many tunnels before we reached Peshawar.
When ever the train stopped at a station, we were provided with a lot of fun. Passengers often quarreled with one another. Coolies made a great noise. Children wept and women quarreled for seats. Some passengers talked about politics. We enjoyed their talk much.
Soon it was evening and we went to bed. When we got up, we were nearing Peshawar. It was noon when we reached Peshawar. We Hired a taxi and reached our destination. It was a wonderful experience. I shall ever remember it.


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