Best Interview Tips


Best Interview Tips

  1. Choose and wear decent dress for Interview. .  

  2. Prepare and Practice 

  3. Be Active.

  4. Don’t Be Nervous. 

  5. Listen the question comfortably and try to give best and unique answer don’t be quick to give the answer. 

  6. Always go early for interview. 

  7. Get ready ahead of time. 

  8. Improve your Oral Communications Skills. 

  9. Don’t Less your confidence. 

  10. Don’t show over Confidence.

  11. Prepare Answer of Questions, (General Knowledge, Current Affairs, related to job, related to your Last degree and your specialization). 

  12. Prepare spell of difficult words. 

  13. Remember your personal Details. (CNIC No., Bank account number, Name of 

    Ancestors at least 5-6)

  14.  Get Information about company/organization. 

  15. Don’t talk too much. 

  16. Don’t Argument with interviewer. 

  17. if you can’t speak very well English answer them in your National Language don’t feel hesitation. 

  18. if you don’t know the answer of questions don’t give them answer. just say SORRY. 

  19. Get knowledge about job description. 

  20. Keep Original Documents and copies or documents in your folder/file cover. 

  21. Be cool down. 

  22. Off your cell phone.

  23. At the end say “Thanks” to Interviewer. if you follow the above mentioned interview tips Hope so you will get success. 


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