Due Date Extension Request


Mark taylor and Company Ltd,

63 Vichal Street,

Wang Burapha bangkok.




The Managing Director.

Shaw Wallace and Company,

358 D.K Road,


Dear Sir(s)

This has a reference to your letter dated 1st July requesting us to quote our rates for a few items of your interest. This Request has presented us with a unique challenge. I have spent much time formulating a time-based action plan to be used in completing the bi, for the requisite items and resources have been distributed with the obvious goal of winning your business.

It has been the Endeavour of this company to deliver superb bid responses to its customers. I fear that submitting anything less may jeopardize our professional standing. In order to upload this standard, we request an extension of the due date for these items.

This extra time will permit us to deliver a document worthy of your business and appreciation.

Please confirm this extension through fax or e-mail at your earliest convenience.

Thanking You.

Yours Sincerely,

General Manager


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