Letter to remind that the goods have not been received



Berkeley and Sons,

24 Oakloy Avenue,

10 Northants,





Mr. J. Binsent,


38 King Street,

Manchester (UK).


Dear Sir(s)

Are you aware that in modern business our lives are becoming increasingly globally oriented. Means of transportation and advances technology have made it possible for people as Well as good to move at speeds much faster than what it used to be in past.

It is routine to expect a package from Los Angeles to arrive at its London destination in on more than 48 hours. However, we placed an order for four superior yarn-knitting machines quite a few days back, but we have not yet received the same in spite of the fact that we had made a special request for the early shipment of this item.

We feel that this situation is not consistent with your customer satisfaction commitments for you had promised timely delivery.

Kindly inform me on the status of our order immediately, as we are in urgent need of the yarn-knitting machines for our new cloth mill.


Thanking You

Yours Sincerely,

General Manager


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