Lost Key English Poetry 


Lost Key English Poetry 


have you seen it?
have you seen my key?

i kinda lost it now i need it desperately
i tried hard to find it but it’s nowhere to be found
i might’ve misplaced it or it might’ve fallen to the ground

i need it badly to set myself free
from this prison locked by depression and anxiety

happiness is its name as I’ve been told
i really can’t remember but i think that’s what it’s called

it’s been holding me imprisoned for years now
how i managed to get by surprised me somehow

being locked inside my head is never easy
it’s always full of thoughts always messy

like having an alarm clock inside my own head
constantly telling me i’m better off dead

insisting i’m unworthy of forgiveness
and that i only belong to emptiness

thoughtfully reminding me of my past
making sure i don’t forget how stupid i was

that to someone i’ll never be good enough
living inside this prison sure is tough

despite all these i won’t lose hope
little by little i’ll be able to cope

and though i know it may take more time
to finally escape this world of mine

i will not rush breaking myself free
i’ll sit here patiently as long as i can possibly be

but if by any chance you find my key
please return it to me


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