A Soldier


A Soldier

 Brionna C

He says he’s leaving.
He’ll be gone about a year.
He’s headed off to fight the war,
And his time is drawing near.

I have no words of wisdom,
To ease our aching hearts.
He’ll be gone and I’ll be here,
A thousand miles apart.

The danger that soldiers face,
He knows it all too well.
Still, he keeps our spirits up,
As our throats begin to swell.

The morning comes all too fast,
I’m not prepared at all.
Because I know there is a chance,
My soldier won’t come home.

My soldier is a strong man,
One that’s brave and true.
He’s not afraid of dying,
He fights for me and you.

So if you see a soldier,
Give him lots of praise.
Tell him that you’re thankful,
You see the price we pay.


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