let’s the pease voices  gets rise 


let’s the pease voices 
gets rise 
the humanity conscience 
rose up
killers and victims 
reckoned on list 
everybody has his destiny
everybody is meant 
nobody know 
whose the last 
nor whose the first
everybody is reckoned
partitited on the map
and beyond the curtain 
black plan 
away prepared 
into the blackness 
guid the world 
toward the pain 
no horizon
no hope 
whose planning for the pain
whose know 
no one 
weak people’s 
and sick acclaims
help . help
some resist 
still have a hope 
and some are fallen
on the edge of the tombs 
ready to be baried 
on the cadavers 
the death pass bay
into the darkness 
the guns up 
ready to shout 
any sources of the ray
the light fobiden 
whose might explain 
why .. why
the humanity 
help . help 
whose care 
no one care 
when even the helper 
is wake 
after endured 
the.burden of the humanrights
till his Heath 
and moral was brooken 
someone with red scalp
thrown is oration
I hate all the races 
but my race 
I hate anybody 
has different face 
I hate 
cause my fanction 
is to be the hater 
cause my idiology 
is to step up 
on all the creation
stop the corruption 
many voices
many voices
has said 
the humanity conscience rose
stop waste the Poor’s food 
don’t increase the homeless wounds 
don’t stop the right sound 
don’t make the other wounds 
oh me
be merciful 
be merciful 
the humanity conscience rose
stop this corrupted man 
in the other side 
in other scance 
much tears 
and much pain 
and puzlled people’s astray
homeless and starved 
the threat of the war
everywhere waved 
the man screaming
take the weapons 
the vanquisher 
is whose buying more guns 
lot of pain
lot of pain
the humanity stand 
in the middle 
of the street
into the death land
thrown is oration 
stop the seduce 
and gets togather 
under the feet’s 
the blood run 
and cadavers 
and hurts 
and words has been blocked 
into the mouths 
and tears 
run under the feet’s
such the rills 
and arround 
the love 
the peace 
the freedom 
will be hanged so soon
was accused 
they threated the world economy
oh me.
the man said such craze
no peace before to pay
no freedom before the war 
buy the gun 
buy the gun 
the economy will be blocked 
no time 
in other oration
other scence 
he said 
I hate the people’s 
whose don’t pay
and does whom don’t belong 
to my race 
and does whom found out 
someway to the peace 
between the freedom 
and the peace 
he created higher wall 
want to make separation
between the breathe 
and the breeze
want to abolish 
the humanity truth 
and any faith need to rise 
that we are one nation
one land 
one fate 
why man 
you send into the living heart
all the causes of the pain 
you got out of 
the environment union 
to cover the light on the sun 
why man 
your cheer is not emortal throne 
your power will not prevent the life 
your money will not buy the degnity
but it’s has been blocked your mind 
and refrain your own self
the watcher wisher

poem by / Kerbouche Noureddine


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