Live for yourself not for Society


Live for yourself not for Others an Inspirational Lesson By Pirah Aijaz Memon 

Live for Yourself

I’ve been looking for real happiness in my life but I’m failed to find. I don’t know why but whenever, I got upset in my life, I always thought about to move on to another place just for getting some peace of mind. In my sight, it was a way out to escape from hard realities or might be from those people, who always keep busy themselves in criticism, as it’s their hobby or it becomes a trend in our society. Whatever it is, but they are the major cause of somebody’s dilapidated mind. The confused journey starts from this twisted path, when I experienced a lot.

 After experiencing, I got to know that, it’s not so easy to go anywhere, especially for a woman, because, before taking such kind of step, you must need to focus on your financial stability and available resources. Second, you must be a daring person and a good decision maker. Nevertheless, it was the imagination, when I thought like that just to divert the mind. Gradually, I learned that, it was not an easy task to do so.

Time passes, and I moved on in my life & tried to go with flow, but never found that what I desired for. In this competitive era, I observed, we are living our life for others, but not for our self. It’s an unresolved dilemma that our struggle and laborious efforts are for the sake of others happiness.

We usually heard and read; Live for others and be a helping hand blah blah blah. The question raised in my mind is, why should live for others? Why shouldn’t live for ourselves? It’s just because of living such a robotic life or never ending competitions for impressing the society? Isn’t it? Most probably, it relies on selfishness or the huge list of priorities and expectations, whatever the reason is, but this is a bitter truth, that we are living to inspire others and make self-sacrifices to win their hearts.

 As a result, the lesson which I learned in my life is, winning heart is not so easy, it takes the whole life to prove yourself in front of everybody, because it’s a lifelong process of continuous hard work without expecting or demanding anything in return.

While analyzing the life’s circumstances, I would like to share that what I feel after learning in my hard time. “Happiness is within you and you need to find it inside, because, it is the environment who makes who you are. So, live your life for yourself and don’t care about people. Just empower yourself and be your own inspiration to live a peaceful life.”

Writer:  Pirah Aijaz Memon,Karachi (Pakistan)


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