Writing is an Art


My Writing Journey –Series of compliments and Disappointments


Writing is an art of portraying thoughts in different styles which mesmerize the readers and grabs their attention. Although, a good writer possesses a quality, based on his/her skills. A writer should be a self-motivated, curious, creative and keen observer, who love to play with words. As, I was fond of reading magazines, digests/novels, that’s why my aim was to become a renowned writer and pursued career in writing. My core belief is on self –identity and glamorous life. Which I dream of. So today, I’m going to share my journey, which is a series of small achievements, compliments and as well as disappointments.

I’ve been started my writing journey since 2013. Still remember those days when I had no writing sense, because I was unaware about writing styles and had no reading habit. Let me tell you one thing that, my father is a renowned journalist/writer, and we have our library at my home as well. So, he wanted to see me as a strong person, that’s why he scolded me to read books and develop reading habit, because my younger brothers were bookworms since childhood, and my father appreciated them a lot. I always wanted to be like them, but I was zero due to poor writing skills. It was an embarrassing feeling for me. As, I was not fluent in English at that time, so it was like impossible to shape my dreams; even my father used to say that, “You can’t write any single line in English, how would you survive?” After heard all this, I got disappointed.

 Whenever, I tried to write an article, it seemed like an essay. My father always pointed out my mistakes and guide me but I’m failed. Time passes with no progress, which has negative impact on my life, and I started underestimating myself. One day, while reading (Womenshade Magazine), published from Quetta. Basically, it is a Non- Govt Organization, who works for women rights, and they release their newsletter as monthly magazine with English and Urdu sections. I got an idea, and decided to take a small start from writing Urdu articles on women issues. I wrote a piece of article on “The status of divorced women in Pakistan” and then contacted to the President (Wahid Khan) of (Womenshade Ngo), he approved my write-up and provided me a platform to improve my writing skills. He is my Guru, who always encouraged me towards my passion.

 I started writing for his Ngo. Later on, I wrote for different newspapers of Karachi. Since that day, I’ve been writing on women rights/social issues, and now I have a number of publications as well. My friends, family, & relatives, even everybody appreciated me when they saw my efforts. It was hard to believe for everyone, that I can write on such sensitive issues with a great research. It’s really an honor for me that I succeeded in what I decided. Afterward, moved on to writing blogs for different websites and newspapers as well as in Urdu and English. Alhamdulillah

I always prefer intrinsic motivation which I got from the positive compliments of people for my writings, and those compliments gear up for success. It’s such a great experience of learning where dreams are on the way to reality. But, I realized my mistake that, I wasted the golden days of my life which is the best time of learning for every individual. Well, I believe that, slow progress is also a progress and small achievement adds up big results. So, the journey still continues with good hopes in my heart for achieving the targets.

By: Pirah Aijaz, Karachi


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