How to Stop Animal Cruelty?


How to Stop Animal Cruelty in Pakistan 

Animal Cruelty

When we hear about animals, first word that comes in human’s mind imagination is scorn – that describes your disdain feeling. Some people have animal’s phobia so, they don’t like animals but there are majority of people, who love animals / pets and also take care of them as a part of their family. “We” all are human beings with having senses and feelings. Likewise, we all have our rights too. But do you ever think that as Animals are also living beings and have their rights but they are being treated with disrespect. They have their senses and can also feel the pain like we do or feel.

The main problem is that everybody knows this fact, but we consider them just as living beings with no feelings. They also need love, affection and care. We should be compassionate and avoid to be cruel with them. Animals are not useless, we have no right to eat, to wear or do any kind of experiment on, use for entertainment or abuse any way.

This is a sensitive issue that needs extra attention to work on it because animals are fighting for their lives. We can see that, there are millions of animals around the world, who are poisoned, enslaved, beaten, blinded, burned, cut and kill them to eat and do experiments on, in the name of science.

Here, I would like to share with you that, PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) an Indian Organization, is the world’s largest organization that works for animal’s rights. They have more than 6.5 million members and supporters. Their motive is to raise awareness about animal rights among people and also provide shelter to the animals with proper care, nutrition and treatment for those, who are injured or affected by diseases. Moreover, they work on variety of other issues including cruel killing of birds, pets, animals.There are number of strategies that helps to focus on their objectives to stop cruelty. Its aims to focus on cruelty –free society.  

PETA works through public education, cruelty investigation, research reports, animal rescue legislation, conducts special events, celebrity involvement and protest campaigns. Furthermore, they offer their volunteer opportunities throughout the world for the purpose of raising awareness. They have a complete understanding booklet in a form of a folder along with CD, s, stickers, posters and certificates for organizing workshops at school level and also in community to transform the knowledge about this issue.

According to PETA, “Eliminate the word (It) from your vocabulary list and consider the animals as he/she to create the sense of gender”. This technique also helps teachers to develop the feeling of being compassionate among students in this regard. For further information and guidance, visit : , you can see number of projects which works against animal rights. I also worked for PETA and conducted a certified training for teachers at poor community school.

It was a great experience while conducting and organizing that workshop. We should also work for our society to stop cruelty and to mitigate the issue because now-a-days, this is a growing problem in Pakistan. In this regard, there is a dire need to take some initiatives with proper implementation, so that we can also constitute a cruelty –free society.

Writer: Pirah Aijaz Memon, Karachi (Pakistan)


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