Importance of Writing


Importance of Writing and why do I write?


Writing is a complex process of providing a vast range of opportunities that inspires an individual to write and pursue it as career. It is a versatile way of communication which empowers us through different ways. Although, it is an art in which a writer portrays the reality, and the thoughts that hidden into words, & sketches the pains that a writer has faced.  A writer must be a confident person, who possess a quality of keen observer, creative, curious and self-motivated.

It helps to enhance our writing skills which can be helpful in the exploration of unique ideas. Moreover, writing develops an ability of critical thinking, problem solving and a decision making. In the digitized era, we can see the growing number of individuals who want to become a writer and possesses a capability of doing this so. Writing is important in such a way, because “The more you read, the more you learn, write and discover yourself “.

In the present age, writing and literature are two sides of a coin and both are crucial for the betterment of society. In this way, literature has had a positive impact on the development of society. It has formed civilizations, changed political systems, improved education system and exposed injustice. Literature gives us a detailed description of human experiences which allow us to connect ourselves on the basis of our desires and emotions. It allows us to raise questions and think critically on different issues/ situations.

As, we know that literature is a thought provoking process which provides you the platform to write more. It helps to explore the new dimensions of learning which helps you to wrap your thoughts into words in different writing styles.

In an era of modern media, literature/writing is a neglected segment of life. Now-a days, mushroom growth of social media networks is the easiest way of gaining knowledge for youngsters. Today’s youth are unaware about the significance of literature and writing because they’re being addicted of easiness in every matter of life.

It’s a bitter truth that young generation prefers shortcuts for learning. In spite of this, there are numerous platforms for youngsters where every individual can join and learn to enhance their reading & writing skills. It can help to bring optimist change in the shaping of one’s personality with different approaches.

Keeping in view, I write because, it provides me insight to think and write by using different techniques, which helps me to discover myself and gives me inner satisfaction. Gradually, I develop reading habit because I’m inspired when I learn something new that helps me to enhance and polish my skills.

When I read, I imagine everything that author want to explain because imagination brings closer to the reality which creates a sense of belonging between a reader, and a book that makes me able to see another side of the world in a different perspective.

By Pirah Aijaz Memon – Karachi



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