World’s Aids Day 


World’s Aids Day 1st December

Aids Day

On the 1st of December – the world’s Aids Day celebrates its 30th anniversary. Aids day is one of the eight official global public health campaigns marked by the World’s Health Organization. In 2017 only, aids killed between 28.9-41.5 million all over the world. While, 36. 7 million are still living with Aids.

James W. Bunn and Thomas Netter initiated the idea of the day in August 1987 in Geneva Switzerland. An integral part of the United Nations’ for AIDS plans and promotes for the ailment since 1996. This year the theme is Know Your Status. Therefore, it’s necessary to get yourself tested and know your type of HIV if any. So that, the prevention of HIV can be encouraged; and treatment becomes easier.

Hence, we need to:

  • Make high quality services available for those with HIV.

  • Show support to people living with it.

  • Unite in the fight against it.

  • Affordable care should be more accessible.

  • Celebrate those 35 million who have died from it.

  • Raise money for the National AIDS Trust in the United Kingdom; and all such institutions around the globe, working for AIDS patients to help them in achieving their rights.

  • Host our own events regarding this day.

  • Attend related events nearby.

  • Policies should be made for the ailing

Today, many scientific advancements have been made in the treatment of HIV. Therapies have changed it from a fatal disease to a manageable chronic condition. It’s still a threat though. Several people don’t know how to shield themselves and others. Such patients are discriminated even today; and it’s still a stigma. It’s significant to remind the public and the government that HIV has not gone away yet. The urgent need to raise awareness, to fight the prevalent social prejudice and educate the masses remains like before. While being an HIV positive means that the patient carries the virus; but being an AIDS patient implies that he can no longer fight it. Anyone remember ARY’s Baydardi that aired last year?  It was a story of a couple where the male protagonist Shafay played by Affan Waheed is an AIDS patient, while his wife Bia essayed by Aiman Khan is an HIV positive. If you have not watched it yet; please do so, just to be aware about the disease. If someone has HIV then he shouldn’t give up on the treatment; and take his medicines regularly before he suffers from AIDS.

1 Type 1 is common worldwide; and can easily be transmitted.

2 Its Type 2 is not that wide spread; and doesn’t transmit easily.

Do the readers like red ribbons? Adorable right? They are the symbol of the disease.

Moreover, the virus is transmitted through infected partners, needle injections, blood or mother’s milk. An HIV positive mother; hence, shouldn’t feed her child, injections or a patient’s other stuff that have even any slightest possibility of transmitting the virus shouldn’t be shared. Such patients should be careful. Honesty with the partners saves from a lot of trouble in future.

Initial symptoms of the ailment include cough, fever, diarrhoea, fast reducing weight and more.  Treatment is certainly necessary before it shows worse symptoms like cancer or something else. God forbid! The disease can be diagnosed easily through blood or saliva tests. Also, HIV patients are encouraged to be counselled timely.

The writer realities that, choosing this topic might as well raise quite a few eyebrows. However, every taboo needs to be spoken about, so that we don’t lose more lives in future. This article simply implies that those who combat HIV or AIDS need to support as much as possible. Just be careful about your health.

Writer: Summaya Ali


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