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Never under estimate the power of a good sandwich. There’s something special about the best of the world’s toppings sliced between two slices of bread. Mayonnaise as a sandwich dressing slices of pickle or French Fries. Please, don’t look at the writer like that; French fry sandwiches are delicious. In fact, if you like fries, you’ll almost certainly prefer them with bread and toppings. Be it a grilled cheese sandwich, a mi9ni beef wrap, salsa, nachos, a flat bread pizza, a bacon and egg sandwich, an egg salad sandwich, a hamburger sandwich, an ice-cream sandwich, a bacon lattice and tomato sandwich with mayonnaise, or a new creation; fast food is something everyone can relate to so much that people desire to eat the same sandwich in every single city of the world.

Sandwich is a city in the shrine of Kent in England; originally the word was spelled as ‘Sondwic’, then ‘Sandwic’ – and then ultimately in 1086 as ‘Sandwice’. Sandwich was actually a market town. So, Sandwich therefore, means ‘Market Town of Sandy Soil.’

John Montague – the 4th Earl of this town, was a lover of card games. It’s said that he was the 1st one to order his meal to be delivered to him between 2 slices of bread. Neither did he want to get his grease laden fingers on the cards; nor require a folk to eat.

As people heard of this; they started ordering their food ‘The same way as Sandwich,’ and eventually just ‘a Sandwich.’

  • From such are legendary culinary delights born. For all the foodies and fast food fans out there Earl Montague is a rock-star. The Sandwich Day celebrates both the Earl himself and the wonder he brought to others. While in England it has always been celebrated as the ‘British Sandwich Week;’ but in the United States of America – the National Sandwich Day was launched on the 3rd of November since 2017. Hence, all sandwich lovers can:

    Make themselves every kind of sandwich they can imagine.

  • Have a sandwich for breakfast, lunch, dessert and dinner the whole day if they want.

  • Give away free food. As the CEO of the Food Bank Brianna Casey talks about:

‘Rescuing, resourcing and distributing food to vulnerable families who are struggling to put a meal on the table thanks to the increasing pressures on house hold budgets.’

  • Help the struggling families. Like last year, this day 13m meals were donated globally- with 280,000 in Australia alone.

  • Organize a sandwich party.

  • Bring someone along to Mc Donald’s for instance, or any other fast food chain or restaurant and join the celebration; with (a sandwich containing gourmet ingredients) like bacon jam, goat cheese and roasted cheese if they prefer it.

Mac Lachlan says:

“Combining and layering flavors, tastes and textures. So the perfect sandwich has to be toasted. It has to have Swiss cheese and a combination of sweet and savory- cranberry or fig thing happening with different kinds of meats like Black Forest ham and roast beef.

Are the readers not fond of sandwiches like him? Beneficial diet is also important. That’s why:

  • The peanut butter and banana sandwich has only 400 calories; and is extremely tasty and appetizing.

  • A tuna salad toast has calories as less as 420; also is ideal for lunch.

  • A berry and almond butter sandwich containing 390 calories; is full of antioxidants.

  • A 410 calories eggplant and mozzarella sandwich is filled with healthy nutrients.

  • A grilled chicken sandwich is rich in fiber and nutrients too; but has calories less than 500.

And, the list is endless. However, eating healthy to stay healthy is something most important. Junk food or unhealthy diet is harmful for our bodies.

The writer concludes with the words – kindness is not restricted to any religion. Even if this day is not celebrated all over the world today; it does not mean that the people in other countries cannot help the needy families on the 3rd of November. People should not look for reasons to celebrate. If one spreads positivity, it finds its way back to the one who initiates it. The writer is just going to go grab her favorite sandwich. What type do the readers like the most? What’s on the menu this sandwich day?  

Writer: Sumaya Ali     


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