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My Idea For A Perfect Day beautiful Article by Pirah Aijaz

Perfect Day 

We always talk about perfections and yearn for a perfect life too. That’s a fact that nobody has a life they always dreamed of. Everybody has their own definition of perfection. Some people crave for money while others drowned in materialistic stuff. In my point of view, perfection is not about a lot of money you earn in your life, it’s not about everything you desired of or fulfillments of your dreams, it’s not about collecting number of degrees you achieved, it’s not about efficiency, perfection is finding something valuable that gives you inner satisfaction and a peace of mind. This is what make you feel perfect. When you feel happiness in doing small things, and you love to count minor achievements in your life that would call a real perfection. Well, I always think about a perfect day that how it would be like? I haven’t got my answer till I started writing.

Writing helped to evolve me as a writer. It gives me the immense pleasure of continuous learning. The most important is, when I see the growing number of my publications day by day and the appreciation I’ve got from my fellow beings. Yes, that’s what I’m talking about, small achievements satisfy your soul. This makes my day perfect because I achieved something through my writings and the kind words of appreciation which motivates me to write more.

Secondly, what I believe is, focus on consistency in all matters of life, either it can be professional, academic, volunteer or personal. This is a harsh fact, that everybody faces some kind of procrastination in day- to – day life. So, in this way consistency is hard to manage in a long-term basis. But at least, we should try to be consistent to make our life purposeful. So, efforts are more than giving up.

Furthermore, I would like to tell you, how my perfect day look like? When I feel relaxed and happy, naturally I love to do work. Sometimes, I love to cook and try a new recipe. It’s just because to do something productive which adds uniqueness in my perfect day.

Sometimes, I love to read novels as I’m avid reader of fiction. This boost up my mind and helps me to improve my vocabulary. This feels like I have learnt something.

The most fascinating thing is, when I read some inspirational quotes and browse captivating pictures which helps to lighten up my mood. Yes, it’s the best way of my mood therapy which literally works well. This helps me to learn more.

There are so many things that I always admire, like listening music and enjoy the lyrics. It’s just to spread love which makes me special and the list goes on.

In short, I must say, for having a perfect day or a perfect life, we should have work on our targeted goals either it can be short term or long term goals. This enables you to be a consistent to your goals.

Here, I would like to share what I learned from my life that changed the way I think:

  • When life kicks you, and you feel like you have lost. Remember that; this is a time to focus yours weaken areas to be a winner. So, don’t give up and move on.

  • Don’t think about what people says, just live your life and do what makes you happy.

  • When life steals your real happiness, and you failed to find. Just look around you and count your blessings that keeps you happy.

  • When you want to earn and life doesn’t offer you opportunities, then don’t get disappoint, just believe in Almighty Allah who promises you for your food and shelter. When you recall that hadith, you will feel better.

  • Everybody suffers from inferiority complex at some point of life, but stop comparing yourself to others and try to appreciate your strengths which works for you as a motivator.

  • Always appreciate small achievements. Trust me that would be the cause of your real happiness.

  • To get to the good, you have to trudge through the bad.

  • Plan some strategies to work out and eliminate the fear of failures.

  • You can see a perfection in small things which adds the greatest value to your life.

  • Be realistic. Stop pretending to be happy and remove the layer of the fabricated smile.

So, I shared some of the ideas of my perfect day. Remember that; life is not a bed of roses, and no-one is living a flawless life. Everyone has a different nature of problems. I don’t believe that anyone can ever truly be happy all the time. It’s impossible because we all have mood swings and we live stressful life too. The thing is how we tackle the hard situations.

In the end, though good or bad, perfect or flawed, most important thing I’ve learned is that life is what you make it. So, don’t look for perfection in your life and be happy with what you have.

Writer: Pirah Aijaz


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