Dull Couple


All Work and No Play Makes Them a Dull Couple beautiful Article by Amna Imran 

Oh before you start reading this write up, that ‘them’ in the title  is certainly not you. Any resemblance is purely coincidental.

And when I say couple, the old fashioned me is obviously referring to a Mr. & Mrs., not the lovebirds or “some day we will be together forever” kinda folks please.

Have you ever noticed how much of the focus on a marriage is on work and food!

 And when it comes to games we are generally tired or short of time! A very important part that is missing in general is working out or playing a sport with you partner; now you get what games I am talking about? Not power play or ego battles of course.

I am not going to ask when did you last find out if your spouse wanted a cup of tea or told them to run an errand; let’s just think when did you last see them playing a sport they are really good at? Challenge them to a game that is your favorite? Beat them at the sport that they might have taught you?

It could be a badminton match or something as trivial as table soccer. Maybe a game of scrabble or cards or a jog/sprint together?

If it has been more than a week than please do it now, this very weekend!

No, I am not advertising a couple sporting event here but just giving a marriage and subsequently life improvement idea.

Why most of us might not be doing this could be a lack of parks, amusement places and clubs while an overdose of restaurants and eateries screaming in our faces as we step out of our homes.

Could even be the households where siblings or cousins playing together is all cool but when spouses get competitive in a good way it sadly raises eyebrows.

Even if you’re a sixty five year old and am lucky enough that you are reading this article, you are still not too old for it.

Some of the happiest moments of a couple may simply be cherishing a table tennis game or finding out your spouse’s hidden tricks to win at carom. Playing a game of bowling together or bowling out your skilled batting opponent cum life partner! 

Maybe a fifteen minutes daily workout together that would not even require you to leave your home, yet boost the energy levels and help one other reach their fitness goals. Shared goals and improved fitness will definitely lead to a stronger bonding and healthier relationship with your partner. 

Not to mention that sports and even games are great stress busters and may clear out any anger or grudges that God forbid might be creeping in your marriage.

Ok, you might be screaming from the inside that would be too much togetherness and what about the me-time, but I guess being able to share an energizing hobby with your life partner may be the foundation of a long lasting marriage built on friendship, joy and understanding.

Writer: Aamna Imran


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