Pakistan Vs India War


Pakistan vs India an unethical war of words Article by BinteIkhlaq

The current situation in Pakistan and India is very critical. Both the countries are in a state of war though not actual but a war of words. Social media is playing a very important part in spreading the restlessness on both sides and obviously to ignite the feeling of hatred for each other. Every one is playing its part ( of course not a positive one) by putting more pieces of wood into the burning fire.

Every one is criticizing others. No one is ready to spare others and making stupid memes about it. It is very easy to defame someone only for fun but it is unethical. Every Pakistani is claiming to have Allah on their side but is defaming others an Islamic attitude? We are patriots but being patriot does not mean to act below the belt.

Editing the information about Adnan Sami on Wikipedia is not an act of appreciation. Why to defame others only for fun? Yes, we all have same feeling for Adnan Sami because once a traitor always a traitor but don’t you think it is a blessing of Allah that such traitors are deprived from this fantastic identity of being a Pakistani. 

Everyone is sharing memes about Abhinandan and of course, he and his family are denounced and censured for no good reason. Not everything is a joke. Not every sentence is a funny sentence.

Abhinandan is an army officer. He was doing what was ordered to him. He was a patriot just like our army man. He cannot negate the orders of his army so please stop calling him names. Abhinandan is, indeed, a hero in my opinion as he is serving his motherland just like our armed officers. 

Our army had done an exemplary and exceptional  job by saving him from the fierce masses and then sending him back to his country. Our army has grown up and now its time for this nation to grow up. Our army do not want to replicate the past so we should show some integrity as well and should not ignite and agitate the fire. Yes, we will not spare anyone who think to destroy Pakistan but we will do everything with integrity and morality.

Writer: BinteIkhlaq


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