Say No to Bullying


Say No to Bullying Beautiful Article by Binteikhlaq

So today I am very very upset after watching the a video of a poor child who was bullied by some other school boys. 

We used to have fun but we never made fun of others.

We used to tease each other but never degrade others.

We used to fight with each other but never took anything to this inhumane level.

I am feeling so helpless. I really want those reckless students behind the bars for performing such immoral acts. Can you imagine the mental condition of that little child who had been mocked and ridiculed in the middle of the road? Can you imagine how destructive and devastating this whole incidents was for him? Can you imagine what are the negative impacts of this incident?

Can u even imagine that how criminal minded are those people who are doing this? Can you imagine that this is the one incident which has been captured by someone and there are many more which are neglected every day.

We talk about depression, anxiety and mental illness but have we ever tried to figure out that what are the reasons behind these mental problems. The kid who has been mocked, will never be able to perform well in his whole life. He will never be able to express his self. He will never be able to face people. And may never be able to smile again. 

Please stop and think again. What are we teaching our kids at home? A home is the first institute for a child. Mothers lap is the first place from where he started learning. So we are the biggest culprits and criminals as we cannot teach our children to respect others. We as a mothers, are a failure as we cannot teach our kids to empower others.

We as a mothers, are at fault as we cannot teach our child how to be helpful and respectful. Me, you and all of us are responsible because we are failed to teach our kids the meaning of “NO”. With the tears in my eyes, I want to apologize to the little child because as a mother I am his culprit. I could not teach my kids to become a good human and a good Muslim before becoming anything else in the life. 




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