Gender Discrimination in Pakistan


End Gender Discrimination Beautiful Article by Pirah Aijaz

Gender Discrimination 

By Pirah Aijaz

International Women’s Day is globally celebrated on 8th March every year. It aims to focus on basic rights of living that women are deprived of. This is a bitter reality that women are still violated and disrespected due to social norms, gender discrimination in the field of education and health around the world since ages. In Pakistan we can see a majority of girls/women who are the victim of domestic violence and also facing discrimination in all areas of life.

Historically, if we analyze the overall situation of Pakistan, particularly in Sindh where there is a large number of problems, such as; women are not empowered, and their fundamental rights have been snatched from them. Likewise, women are badly exploited in terms of property rights. Also working women still face harassment problems at their workplace or institutions.

It is also sad reality that the world is evolving, but we are still stuck with obsolete customs in our society where women are considered commodities and property due to so-called traditions and restrictions. It is just because of mediocre thinking of people that need to be changed.

Another important issue is ‘Honor Killing’ which is still practiced in rural areas of Pakistan. This cruel act is continued in all provinces of Pakistan with different titles. Moreover, forced and child marriages are also a big problem in our society. Apart from it, economic inequality, lack of equal opportunities and legal discrimination are other problems that need to be addressed.

History reveals that women face a lot of challenges since decades. In this regard, there are number of researches have been conducted to explore the facts for the purpose of raising awareness among the masses of society. Moreover, our non – government organizations are also working on women rights but the situation remains unchanged. In this way, there is a dire need to mitigate these issues on a serious note.

All these problems can be resolved through unity and harmony among nations. For the sake of humanity, we must raise our voices to end the gender discrimination which is a root cause of all problems. Secondly, a woman must be aware of her rights properly. Moreover, Government should take practical initiatives concerning women rights in order to protect them. In this regard, legislation is needed for the provision of equal rights of women and also explore the career opportunities as well to empower them in a true sense.


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