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Happy Women’s International Day a Beautiful Article by Aamna Imran 

A shout out to the working women!

Today I had a doctor’s appointment. While waiting for my turn, this thought struck me hard. What if there was not a single woman working there? Would I be comfortably sitting in the premises if there were no female doctors, sonologists or paramedic staff around?

No I would not be there.

I thought of my kids’ teachers and how they are always in the school premises before my children reach.

Would I be comfortable if there were no ladies working there? I think I would not even be sending my toddler to school if I wasn’t sure of that.

Not just teachers and doctors.

The girl at the gym counter who ensures that it is open on the right time early morning. And the yoga instructor. Giving woman a space they can go to improve and feel good.

The girls in the theme park welcoming kids with the warmest smile even quite late at night, handling them with love and kindness. The ones at superstore helping you select the perfect shade of lipstick or foundation. 

And the intelligent ladies that I see on few tv channels raising women related issues and awareness.

The house help that comes and makes our homes sparkle.

I felt I owed a thank you to these women who are missing the leisurely cup of early morning tea, most probably rushing to ensure their kids reach school in time, their spouses and parents get breakfast on time, who are doing double the duty.

They are not just contributing to their family or living up  their passion, they are creating an environment where other women can be comfortable and well treated.

They make the world outside our homes a kinder and happier place.

Yes I am writing this post as a professionally qualified, stay at home mom. Why do I feel there is a need to bring this up even in 2019? Because there are still some people who are not comfortable with the idea of a “working woman”. And to make everyone realize that there is more to it than the financial aspect.

Happy Women’s Day and stay empowered!

Writer: Aamna Imran


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