New Zealand Masjid Attack 2019


An act of terrorism in New Zealand

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Today, four innocent armed white people, one woman and three men, entered into two mosques in New Zealand and killed so many Muslim terrorists who were terrorizing the masses of New Zealand by offering Jummah prayer in the mosque.

The bombs were also attached to the cars of the terrorist Muslims, which were standing outside the mosque, by the armed innocent white people. The president of New Zealand condemned the whole incident by saying that its an act of violence”.

What happened today was an act of violence? A killing done by a Muslim is an act of terrorism while the killing of so many Muslims is just an act of violence. We as Muslims condemn each and every act of violence or terrorism whether done by a Muslim or Non-Muslim but protecting the white man becomes habitual by their countries. Islam Is a religion of peace and preaches peace. We belong to a peaceful religion and a Muslim is out of the circle of Islam if others are not safe from his hands amd tongue. 

Terrorism is terrorism, it does not know any borders, nationality, religion, language or color but why it is always associated with Muslims. Whenever any act of violence or bombardment takes place in any country, why only the Muslim community have to suffer?

There is suspicion in every eye , there is doubt in every heart, there is curse on every tongue, there is disgust in every word. Without any investigation the whole blame is always put on the shoulder of Muslims.

It is the high time when every country have to understand that Muslims alone are not terrorist because extremism and terrorism are ones personal choice irrespective of their religion or nationality.

Anyone can be equipped with the deadly weapons and bombs so affiliate it with only one nation is not fair. Prejudice towards Muslims should put to an end now. Its been 18 years since a war against terrorism ( read Muslims) has been initiated. No Muslim country is spared in this propaganda of devaluing Muslims and erasing the name of Islam from the face of earth.

This is the time when nations should reconsider the parameters of judging Muslims on the basis of their faith. It is the time when white people should stop being prejudiced towards Muslims on the basis of their color.

It is the time when any act of violence, whether conducted by a Muslim or Non-Muslim, should be condemned and investigated equally and without any preconceived notion.


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